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I can Proudly say that I am very happy and satisfy customer of this Hospital, me, my both sons and daughter visited this hospital one year Ago through Ibrahim Sir, Dr. Advaith Sir treatment was very good, now I have positive hope for my kids future surgery. Recently my mother eye surgery was also very successful and my mom is very happy. On the day of Surgery hospital management provided free accommadation for all my family it is because we are non local. I can Proudly say this Hospital is Brand for in every factor like: Best Hospital Best Service Best Treatment Best Doctors Best Staff Finally Best Results.
B Swetha
Asst Professor, MBA
Hello. My husband had Cataract Surgery of both his eyes. Dr. Saibaba Goud with his deft hands and experience performed the surgery excellently. His pleasing personality and smiling disposition makes the patient forget his/her ailment. He explained the process so well that the fear concept vanished. Services very good . Madam Mariam at the Reception was very cordial and helpful. Mr. Rama Krishna's breifing on the Lens to be fitted was crystal clear. Nurses and other staff members were always ever smiling to assist you. Insurance dept was execellent. The swiftness and the speed at which Insurance clearance was received was amazing! Within 24hrs!! Kudos to the Person Incharge. I recommend this Hospital on various parameters. Affordability, Services and above all Dr. Sai Baba  Goud who is excellent.
Shymala ChandraSekhar
I came from the US to recieve my Lasik Eye Surgery. Prior  to the Surgery  I was  wearing glasses and contacts which always used to cause problems. for me like dry eyes. Once I arrived to the hospital , Dr. Advaith brought me into his office and explained everything to me Pre- Op care. Speaking to him was very reassuring as all my doubts and concerns were addressed. Up until the time of  the procedure is safe and precise. Once the procedure was over , I felt very relieved that I did'nt experience any kind of pain or discomfort . Throughout the entire procedure , the doctor was very patient and gentle. Overall my experience at this clinic was very delightful - all the staff members were extremely well trained and well mannered , the office presentation was awesome and the procedure went according to the plan .
Navighna Nathi